The Web Design Process

There are several steps in the web site design and development process. From the initial meeting & gathering of information, to the creation of your website, to the delivery and maintenance to keep your web site up to date and current - we handle it all.

  It All Starts With a Cup of Coffee.

Or a phone call. After receiving a Quote, we'll talk with you and gather information on your business, it's goals, your brand, etc.. so that we can understand your company. We'll also ask things like what the purpose of the website is, whether or not you're looking to sell products online or just build a professional informational site and target your industry's audience. Whatever you're comfortable with - we'll accomodate you; whether you'd like to handle this in person, or over the phone, or even over email.

  Web Strategy Planning

After we gather the information we move on to the planning of your web strategy. This involves putting together a site map, listening to your input (your goals, the styles you like, the functionality your website needs, etc..) and suggesting our solutions.

  First Website Draft/Proof

With information gathered and the site map completed, we strart to design the layout/shell of your website. We define the look and feel and style of your website, with your brand in mind. The most important element here is your industry's target audience. We follow these directions when drafting one or more concepts of your new website. This way you can choose a prototype and suggest to us in which direction you'd like to go. This phase also involves making any revisions/additions that you'd like to see after viewing the first proof.

  Website Development Phase

In this phase of the process we will take everything we've learned during the planning process and create the visuals. The web development phase of your website also involves HTMl/CSS/Javascript coding and development of all other applications for your website, depending on the type of website you've chosen.

  Delivery & Launch of Your Website

We delivery the finished product to you. This sometimes involves a few finishing touches and the testing of browser compatability. We probe the functionality, optimization and code validation. Once approved, we then move on to introducing your website to the world. After quality assurance your website is submitted to the search engines and is officially live.

  Website and/or SEO Maintenance

This phase is an optional phase if you've decided to be on one of our many convenient and cost-efficient Website Maintenance and SEO Maintenance plans. Any issues with the website functionality are always addressed and fixed promptly, free of charge. However, once the website is launched, any revisions or additions to your website are now considered billable projects.

This is called Website Maintenance. There are three options for website maintenance.

1) You update the website yourself. We build both CMS (Content Management System, like Wordpress) websites and also custom built websites, so your level of HTML or Wordpress knowledge will be the determining factor of this option being feasible.

2) We update the website. We simply bill you per project based upon the work you request. At Coastal Creative, we never bill hourly. You'll know upfront what it will cost to make changes to your website. Typically, billed website updates take approximately 3-4 days.

3) You're on a Maintenance Plan. With this option, you never have to worry about your website. We discuss with you approximately how often you estimate your website being updated in a period of one month. Maintenance plan prices are contingent upon this estimate. Then you pay a fee upfront and we are your 'go to guy' when you need anything done to the website. Whether it's adding some new photos, adding a new paragraph or even adding a new page - it's all covered. Any with our website maintenance plan your website changes you request are always handled within 48hours.


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